Soundsation Blackport 80BTRW Portable PA


Battery Powered PA System with trolley, VHF wireless microphone, Bluetooth, MP3 player and reverb

Dedicated to all those who need maximum portability and are constantly “on the road”, the BLACKPORT-80TBRW is a battery-powered 80W max. PA system, featuring built-in 4-channel mixer, VHF wireless microphone, reverb, Bluetooth  and MP3 player with SD-Card and USB slots. Battery life is 6 hours at full volume and with fully charged batteries. Its lightweight and rugged construction combined with the extremely useful trolley, make it an ideal tool in all “on the fly” situations such as parties, one-man band gigs, and small PA needs, without risks of damage but with good performance in terms of power and audio quality.

Portable battery-powered PA system 80W
Built-in 4-channel mixer
VHF wireless microphone
Mic input with Combo connector (XLR + 1/4″ Jack)
Instrument/Mic input with ¼” jack connector
RCA a mini-jack stereo line inputs
2-Band EQ
MP3 player with Bluetooth, USB and SD-Card slots
Rechargeable batteries with LED charge level display and 6-hour battery life
Rugged enclosure in MDF with aluminum corners
Trolley system with telescopic handle and wheels
Remote control for MP3 player
D36mm pole-mount